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3c. If the beneficiary named in 3. B. does not survive me by thirty (30) days, then such property shall pass with the residue of my estate. 4. I give the residue of my ...
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residuary estate, not exceeding the aggregate of five thousand dollars ($5,000) to my ... personal representative, or the executing trustee to be named by the court. 7 C.L.R. § 22. The remainder of my estate shall pass to my wife. 8 C.L.R. § 22. The remainder of my estate, not exceeding the aggregate of ... dollars ($1,000) per decedent, may be distributed by the court to the surviving spouse, parents and children of a decedent. The surviving spouse, parents and children, or such parties as will have the same interests, shall be entitled to the residue of the remainder of my estate for the purposes, under the ... Act. 9 C.L.R. § 22. The residue of my estate, not exceeding the aggregate of ... dollars ($1,000) per decedent and the assets remaining after giving to my wife, shall pass to the surviving spouse, parents and children, or such parties or their interests as will have the same interests. 10 C.L.R. § 23. The residue of my estate shall pass to my wife, when the will of the decedent is proved to have survived, unless the court appoints another person in such discretion as the court may have under the intestate power to take care of and care for all of my estate. DEDICATED TRUST. The following is an example of a testamentary trust to be created in the absence of a living testator: John Doe, Will-maker and Trustee, for any future sum or value, the sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000) paid or appropriated out of any of my property, together with all interest thereon for a further period of fifty years, or more, to be distributed to any one or more of my descendants, to be known as my descendants, with all of my property remaining in the same trust. This testative instrument shall be executed in the presence of two witnesses who are competent witnesses and signed by me or by my attorney, and shall state the nature of the trust in the following words and under the following conditions: "I do hereby devise this testatory instrument to John Doe, executor or administrator of my estate, and to my descendants, as my testamentary trust, which trust I know to be sound in law and good morals, and the testatory instrument is in the handwriting of my hand. I give the remainder of my estate, not exceeding the aggregate of five thousand

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What is last will and testament form?
Free Last Will and Testament Form. ... A last will and testament is a legal document outlining your wishes for how your property and affairs are to be handled when you pass away, and how you wish your funeral to be conducted. It is also commonly called a “will” or “last will.”
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